Dying For Vengeance

In the first Carlisle Crimes Case, Carlisle Homicide Detective Erin, the first woman in Homicide Squad, partners with Senior Detective Christopher Snow to track a serial killer stalking family members embroiled in an inheritance dispute. As the detectives chase clues and connect the victims, their mutual attraction blooms while she nurses him after a shooting incident. But sparks fly when FBI Special Agent Howard offers McCoy a job if she’ll train at Quantico.

Courting Doubt And Darkness

In the second CCC mystery, Homicide Detectives Snow and McCoy tail a killer who stymies the police with multiple MO’s. While McCoy testifies at a trial, Snow and Savage recover a nude body from the Letort Spring. While tracking sparse clues, another killing surfaces that rings alarms; the victims are connected to a Marcellus Shale gas well. As police tangle with hostile suspects, they are courting doubt and darkness, leaving the comforts of Carlisle to the wilds of Raccoon Mountain. When McCoy joins the case, she discovers her Native American relatives are involved. Then she stumbles into the killer’s path!

Darkness At First Light

  In Darkness at First Light, Carlisle Homicide Detectives Christopher Snow and Erin ‘Mac’ McCoy discover an unidentified body, dressed like Molly Pitcher, lashed to the cannon in front of the folk hero’s gravesite. At the macabre scene, Mac receives a call dispatching her and K-9 Officer Shadow to a kidnapping. In the process, the CPD discovers the girl online on a pay-for-porn site, alerting the FBI. The trail leads to a Revolutionary War Reenactors’ encampment, where the detectives track ‘Molly Pitcher’s’ elusive killer and Emma’s obsessed kidnapper.

Had A Dying Fall

A raging fire greets Detectives Snow and Reese Savage where they find a male corpse. Their search for the missing wife leads them to one of their own: Shannon Mahoney and her family members who have a motive to kill. Evidence mounts and suspects multiply; danger erupts, exposing damaging secrets that could destroy them all.